Geoffroy Couprie
Independent consultant - software security and performance

Enterprise projects

Your company has very specific problems that sometimes cannot be solved in house. To keep an edge on your concurrents, you need to improve and optimize your products and processes. On top of that, you must keep your customer's data safe and protect your business.


I can provide short term consulting on specific subjects like scaling, distributed systems, data analysis, system architecture, or accompany you on longer research and development projects. You get the complete solution to manage your new technology: the code, the documentation, employee teaching and handoff.

Additionally, I have access to a number of domain experts available for larger projects. We are focused, we work fast and we manage projects on a big scale.


I perform security assessments of your product and architecture, and can help you plan for future attacks. I regularly teach employees about threat modeling and security issues in the particular technologies they use, making them able to protect your company in the future.

I would be happy to help you in your projects, please contact me to get more information