Geoffroy Couprie
Independent consultant - software security and performance


I give talks on various subjects, always around of software security and robustness. I can speak in English or French, for various audiences, from beginners to advanced.


  • 2014: Android development course at EPSI engineering school in Nantes

    Hands-on course about mobile development, from project start to publication, debugging, performance optimization and security

  • Devoxx France 2014: Programmation système robuste avec Rust (co-speaking with Clément Delafargue)

    17/04/2014 - french - slides

    The advantages of Rust as a system programming language. How safe memory management, a sane typing system and good concurrency support provide you an excellent platform to interact with the metal

  • Human Talks Nantes: La crypto pour les développeurs: astuces pour ne pas se faire exploiter

    11/03/2014 - french - slides

    Cryptographic algorithms and protocols should not be used by developers, but in practice, developers need some security primitives for a lot of tasks. This presentation covers some tips to easily use basic algorithms

  • 2013: about Rust

    25/10/2013 - french - slides, video

    The Rust language provides an interesting platform for system development, while still providing strong typing and borrowing some ideas from functional languages 2013: Scala on Android

    25/10/2013 - english - slides

    The features of Scala make it a very good environment for Android development: highly reusable modules, concise code and good type checking make a very robust development architecture

  • "My Web Generation" radio show on Prun'

    02/05/2013 - french - Podcast

    Talked with Damien "gordontesos" Nicolas about software security, usability and the modern threats on users and companies.


I would be happy to help you in your projects, please contact me to get more information